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CAD/CAM Facilty

JFI utilizes advanced technology to keep up with the ever changing processes and trends in modern manufacturing environment. We believe that innovation coupled with outstanding people driving superior process, defines our future. That is why,we take pride in our manufacturing facility which ranges from conventional manufacturing to high precision tooling manufacturing. Our capabilities and equipment are summarized below;

  • Conventional Machining Center - for die and mould making manufacturing
  • CNC Machine Control Unit - development of complex tooling for manufacturing of high precision component devices
  • CNC Puncing Machine - punching,bending forming,tappingm contour cutting
  • CNC Press Brakes - Automation in sheet metal machining
  • CNC EDM Wire Cut

Expert Engineers, trained technicians and advanced CAD/CAM facilities-powered by Delcam CAD/CAM software, reduce lead times and achieve greater accuracy which is passed on to customers which in turn make them more competitive in the market.

Dura Center 5 CAD/CAM GroupCNC Punching Machine


Quality and Reliability

Standards laid down by our clients demand only the highest quality.Product quality is critical because most of our products are used in power and telecommunication industries dealing with critical and rugged envinroments. To match customer demand, we made substantial investments in having the best possible test facilities and equipment. Facilities for UTM, Corrosion and Hardness tests are available to carefully check that products meet the highest standards for accuracy and surface integrity.

QualityCross armRaw Materials


Availability and On-Time Delivery

As part of JFI's committment to excellence on every transaction, clients are guaranteed on-time, reliable, and fast turn around time delivery. We have large inventories of standard grade raw materials, warehouse facilities for finished products and a committed delivery fleet.

WarehouseDelivery Fleet