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Ground Assembly

Ground Rods
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Ground Rod comes in three different types of various diameter and length and has a cone point for easy driving.

The Plain Rods are used with ground rod clamps for proper electrical contact.

The Soldered type has five turns of #12 soft annealed copper wire soldered at the upper end.

The Electro - weld type has a 3/8-inch round bar welded to the upper end portion of the rod.

Length and distance of pigtail from upper end of the rod.

Ground Rod Clamp
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn steel clamps are used with galvanized and copper clad ground rods. Furnished with a 3/8-inch cap screw.

Ground Plate Pole Butt
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Grounding plate features a galvanized steel clamp for galvanized iron grounding wire. The embossed ring on the plate assures a firm and positive contact with earth.
Ground Wire Clip
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Ground wire clips are used in lieu of ground wire staples. Made from 16 gauge steel plate.

Staple Ground Wire
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Staple Ground is used to secure wire to wood pole.


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