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Product General Information

Jocelyn Forge Incorporated with postal address at No. 56 Altoveros St., Barrio Bagbaguin, Meycauayan, Bulacan cater in the supply and manufacture of Pole Line Hardware's used for Overhead Line Construction of Electric and Telecommunication Industries.

The standard used in the manufacture of the Line Hardware conforms strictly with the EEI-NEMA and ANSI Standard as well as to the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) of the United States of America.

The material used as required in the specification of the product, where applicable, conforms to the latest revision of the generally accepted standard of the following organization, to wit:

•  ASTM - American Society for Testing Material

b. ANSI - American National Standard Institute

c. AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute

d.  SAE - Society of Automotive Engineer

After fabrication, products are submerged in a Molten Zinc Bath (Hot-Dip Galvanized) in a controlled temperature to ensure an adequate coating of Zinc meets the standard of ASTM A153 or ASTM A123 as maybe applicable.

The method of inspection and testing of the product conforms with the ASTM Standard Vol. 03.01, Metal Test Method and Analytical Procedures; ASTM Standard Vol. 01.08, Fastener; ANSI C135.1, for Galvanized Bolts and Nuts.

Jocelyn Forge Incorporated established a quality manual/procedure in the implementation of its quality system management to assure that the manufacture, inspection and testing have been correctly carried to the required standard and to evidence that this undertaking has taken place, the company was audited by ISO committee and the same has awarded a certificate of compliance, registration no. 5142 dated January 2000, covering the manufacture of Pole Line Hardware and Meter Socket for Electric Power Utilities.

The latter products, Electric Meter Socket, are produce in accordance with generally accepted standard for electric meter socket where applicable, to wit:

•  EEI-NEMA Standard - Edison Electrical Institute

• National Electrical Manufacturer Association

•  ANSI C12.10-1997 - American National Standard for Watt-Hour Meter

•  ANSI C12.7-1993 - American National Standard for Watt-Hour Meter Socket

•  ISO 9227 - Salt Spray Test

•  ASTM B117 - Standard Method of Slat Spray Testing

•  UL 414 - Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Standard for Safety for Meter Socket

Anent to the above product information, we hope the same enlightened you of the quality assurance program towards the manufacture of the product as well as the organization's quality system management.

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