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Miscellaneous Hardware

Xbrace Fitting & Center Clamp
Hot dip Galvanized

The Jocelyn X-Brace is made from press formed 6mm angle steel plate and used as an excellent means for stabilizing H-Frame transmission pole line reducing the number of guys required.

Cross members (wood or steel) are not included in the set order stock number.

Stock number denotes one set;

Two X-Brace, fitting two-angle washer and one unit of center clamp supplied as illustrated.

Stud Bolt For Post Insulator
Hot dip Galvanized

<No Description>

Suspension Yoke Plate
Hot dip Galvanized

The Jocelyn Suspension yoke plates are made from basic open hearth carbon steel and are used for low voltage transmission and distribution line structure with 13-inch and 8-1/2 inch separation respectively.

Material conforms to the requirements of ASTM
A283-97 for carbon steel plates of structural quality.

Strain Insulator Clevis
Hot dip Galvanized

<No Description>


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