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Overhead and Down Guy Hardware

Guy Clamp

Jocelyn guy clamp is used to secure/hold the ends of the guy strandwires. Clamps are shipped with bolts assembled, and clamping bolts have oval shoulder to prevent turning when nuts are tightened.

Jocelyn heavy duty clamps are drop-forged from basic open-hearth carbon steel material with straight parallel groove.

Guy Hook
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn guy hool is used to prevent guy wire strands from slipping on the pole. The half oval side of clamp prevents damage to the guy stand.

Guy Strain Plate
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Guy Strain Plate are used simultaneously with Guy Hook to provide a wide bearing surface for the strand during wrapped around installation.


Guy Clip
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Guy Clips comes either with forged steel or malleable iron base. It is the most eonomical way of securing down guy and a clamping piece to clamp ground wire to ground rod.


Thimble Eye Nut
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Forged Eye Nuts are forged from basic open hearth carbon steel tapped to fit HDG bolts made to ANSI specification with relative strength rating consistent with the bolt where they are installed.

Forged Thimble Eye Bolt
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Thimble Eye Bolts are forged from rolled bars open hearth carbon steel with the same strength to machine bolt manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards.

Eye dimension is the same as shown on page G7 for Thimble Anchor Rod.

Guy Thimble
Hot dip Galvanized

ocelyn Guy Thimble have open ends for use with oval eyebolt in guying assemblies.

Guy Attachment
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Guy Attachment provide an economical and efficient means of fastening guy to pole, either steel or wood poles.

The press formed steel guy attachment has a well rounded strand groove that would protect the strand from damage.

The G1051 are used with 4-inch wide universal pole band.

Guy Attachment
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Eyelet are drop forged from rolled basic open hearth steel and are compatible with the strength of the bolts used with them.

Angle Thimble Eyelet are used for down guys and straight thimble eyelet is used for span guys.

Guy Attachment, Strain Insulator
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn G7052 forged steel guy attachment are designed for direct pole installation for glass and wood strain insulator.

Truss Guy
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Distribution truss guy are used where normal gripings technique cannot be used making the pole to be self-supporting.

The J6050 or J6050H pole clamp shown on page C can be used to install the truss guy on a concrete pole instead of a plate bar Mk. A as shown.

<No Photo>
Anchor Assembly
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn forged thimble eye, Twin eye and Triple eye anchor rods used for guying with expanding, ross plate, cone and screw anchors as well as anchor log assemblies.

Guy Bonding Clamp
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Guy Bonding Clamps are used when down guy also serves as ground. It maintains a firm contact between the guy strand and the anchor rod.

<No Photo>
Forged Eye Shaft Screw Anchor
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Forged Eye shaft screw anchors can be installed manually by inserting a bar through the eye and screwing the anchor down.

Anchor Expanding 8-way
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn eight point top plate blade expands with the base plate upon screwing the anchor rod down to form a cone shaped square which distribute the anchor's holding power into the ground.

*Assembly does not include the anchor rod.


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