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Primary & Secondary Line Construction Hardware

Insulator Pin & Accessories
Hot dip Galvanized

The Jocelyn Forge Low Voltage Insulator steel pin are forged in one piece from basic open hearth steel and provided with a square wrenching shoulder. These pins have a 1-inch ANSI standard cast lead thread and comes complete with a 2x2x1/8 square washer, square nut, and MF lock nut.

The high voltage steel pin comes into two pice open-hearth steel. The stud bolt shank is deeply screwed and welded to the forged base of the pin arm. The pins have a 1 3/8-inch ANSI cast lead threads.

The Jocelyn wide base clamp pins 1-inch lead thread size are made of open hearth steel. The forged pin arm is securely welded to the base plate. Comes complete with 5/8"x7" machine bolt and clamping plate. J6057-01 can e adapted to crossarm size of
3-1/2x4-1/2 or 3 3/4x4-3/4

Pole Top Pin
Hot dip Galvanized

JFI Pole Top Pin has ANSI Standard Cast Lead Thread. These Pressed Steel Pins are Mounted with the flat side of the channel section against the pole with 5/8-inch machine bolt.

Transformer Lead Pin
Hot dip Galvanized

This pin is used for carrying the lead to the transformer. It has a cast lead thread for insulators with ANSI standard 1-inch and 1 3/8-inch threaded pin holes.

Double Arming Plate
Hot dip Galvanized

These Plates are used on top of the arms in double crossarm construction for mounting insulator pins and deadending. Slotted holes allow mounting on different pole diameters.


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