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Pole Accessories

Mounting Clamp Adapter
Hot dip Galvanized

These clamps are designed to adapt to circular and octagonal concrete steel pole. Alternatively can be adapted to wood poles at the end user option.

The C6050H clamps are heavy-duty type band. They are designed with forged reinforcing rib/stiffener on its corner band for extra flexural strength, used for attaching brace for heavy primary line crossarm or side arm construction.

The C6050 series are used for light crossarm or side arm primary line construction.

Both clamps can be used for attaching extension arm, aerial cable attachment on straight run, attaching cable on corner run, down guying or deadend guying application.

Transformer Pole Mounting Bracket
Hot dip Galvanized

Each Jocely brackets are provided woth corresponding mounting segments (dummy plate) to accomodate one, two or three to 167kVA transformer to a
6 1/2-inch to 11-inch diameter pole. Comes complete with segment mounting bolt 5/8" X 4".

The C6051 and C6051-UT brackets are provided with three 5/8-inch and two 3/4-inch mounting holes respectively.

Mounting Bracket for Fuse Cut-out And Arrester 27KV
Hot dip Galvanized

The mounting bracket assemblies are used for simultaneous attachment of Fuse cutout and arrester for single or Cluster Pole mounted type distribution transformer

Mounting Segment for cluster type of application of bracket are ordered sperately.


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