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Secondary Line and Service Assemblies

Spool Bolts
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Spool bolts are used either to support neutral conductor in single phase to three phase crossarm construction or secondary service wire.

These Spool Bolts are forged from open-hearth carbon steel with either a single phase or double integral washer upset at the insulator end.

Rolled thread and are furnished complete as illustrated.

CrossArm Clevis
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn crossarm type clevises are used on the end of single spool bracket bolt for right angle pull-off in rural line neutral line conductors.

Secondary Clevis
Hot dip Galvanized

<No Description>


Secondary Rack
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Secondary Rack comes in three different class and type of application; either single, two or three-spool type for light,medium and heavy-duty class respectively.

Insulator post struts are rounded to assure it will not damage insulation when stringing secondary. Struts are electrically arc welded and riveted for heavy and medium duty class respectively.

ANSI class 52-3 and 52-2 insulator will fit the heavy and medium duty rack respectively.


Single Spool, Secondary Rack
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Single Spool Secondary Rack are designed for use both as stringing pulley on dead-end/corner run and as Secondary Clevises, making them especially useful for stringing and sagging conductors.

Secondary Rack, Extension Bracket
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Single Rack Extension Bracket comes complete with a 5/8 x 2 Carriage Bolt for attaching the rack. Two Brackets are required for installation.

The Bracket will provide additional clearance between secondary rack and the pole surface.

The 4.5mm gauge x 1-1/4-inch wide steel bracket is curved to fit the pole and has three-staggered hole for 5/8-inch bolt or two 1/2-inch lag screw for mounting.
Secondary Bracket
Hot dip Galvanized

Jocelyn Secondary Bracket is used for secondary line deadends or line pull. It has a mounting hole for one 5/8-inch machine bolt and two staggered side holes for 1/2-inch lag screw.
Secondary Pulley Bracket
Hot dip Galvanized

These Secondary Pulley Brackets is used in the downright pulley position for stringing of secondary line conductors. The 90° slot in the base make it possible to rotate the bracket into the clevis position before or after the conductor is tied to the spool.

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